Principal: Julia Trillo-Howard
Examiner and Fellow
U.K.A.P.T.D. M.N.A.T.D.
M.B.B.O. F.K.A. Equity Member

Terms and Legal Obligations

We operate on the basis of three terms per year, with half  term holidays as per normal schools.  

  • New Pupils will be required to complete our standard application /enrolment form.           
  • All  fees must be paid at the beginning of each term.           
  • Pupils must present themselves for class in appropriate uniform.            
  • Chewing gum is not permitted while attending dance classes (Health & Safety ruling).           
  • Long hair should be tied back or placed up or in a bun for Ballet.            
  • Jewelry, including watches must not be worn (small stud earrings are permitted).           
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in class. (They can be used in the waiting area after class)            
  • A full months notice must be given when a pupil terminates their dancing tuition.          
  • We cannot refund fees for poor attendance to classes.          
  • Unruly behavior or bullying will not be tolerated and offending pupils will be suspended.           
  • Pupils who are absent for more than three consecutive classes while rehearsing for any             Show/Production will be unable to appear in that particular revue, as the class spacing has to be changed and the whole dance re set.                          

Important Note

It is against our terms and conditions of enrollment for our students to attend any other local dance establishments teaching similar subjects to ours while enrolled with us. 

Exceptions  are:  Professional National Ballet and Stage Schools, also Ballroom Dance or attending establishments where Gymnastics and Drama tuition only is being given. If you are in any doubt please contact Miss Julia for clarification

We implement the above policy to avoid a conflict of interests that would inevitably occur with different teaching methods to ours. This can cause problems to the child who may have learned one technique only to be introduced to another which in most cases would be at odds with our UKA dance class syllabus. Attendance to our dance classes and  show rehearsals would also suffer as times may clash.

Our Legal Obligations

The Benson Stage Academy (Whitby) is a private registered Dance School with fully qualified experienced Dance Teachers. We are insured to all legal requirements and a comprehensive first aid kit is in place and all fire precautions are up to date.            

Complaints Procedure

In the unlikely event parents or pupils find the need to make a complaint please contact The Principal Miss Julia to discuss your concerns in private where every care and consideration will be given to your problem.

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