Principal: Julia Trillo-Howard
Examiner and Fellow
U.K.A.P.T.D. M.N.A.T.D.
M.B.B.O. F.K.A. Equity Member


(Extra Events and Activities)

Subjects Taught in the Academy 

(UKA DANCE Syllabus)

  • Ballet
  • Tap
  • Lyrical/Jazz
  • Musical Theatre
  • Commercial Freestyle
  • Street Dance


Dance Examinations

UKA Dance


At the appropriate time, all pupils from starter upwards will be put forward to take dance examinations. Pupils will receive
U.K.A. Dance certification for attaining passes in their particular Dance subjects.         


As a rule the Dance Examinations are held twice a year at our studio, where a qualified UKA examiner will hold the sessions. This is better for the pupils as being in a familiar environment ensures full concentration to their dance routines. 


All parents will be notified by newsletter in good time with the exact times, days and dates of exams along with the dress code required.
A timetable of examinations will be given to all pupils and this will assist in arrival times for each class. The younger students will appear before the examiner in groups of four. Their class teacher will also be present to put on the music. 


A full list of examination fees is displayed on our notice board and must be paid in advance. Copies of the fees are available on request.