Principal: Julia Trillo-Howard
Examiner and Fellow
U.K.A.P.T.D. M.N.A.T.D.
M.B.B.O. F.K.A. Equity Member

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Annual Shows

Every year usually at the end of November the Academy produce a Christmas Show featuring all our pupils, (please view our galllery).

The production held at the Spa Theatre Whitby serves to showcase all pupils and gives the parents a chance to see the progress their children have made throughout the year.
It is a tradition of the Academy that all proceeds from our Show’s are donated to the NSPCC our 2013 and 2014 productions raised £8,800 for this very worthy cause.


Aims of the Academy

Our main objective is to provide a high standard of Dance tuition in all subjects taught within the Academy. We will strive to help all pupils achieve the highest grades possible, in their chosen dance subjects, hoping that some of them will enter full time National Dance and Performing Arts establishments on completing their training with us.

Ballet will form the basis of all dance taught at the Academy and is absolutely essential for the serious student hoping to make a career in the dance world by helping the student achieve suppleness, posture, and the grace of movement that is required.

Although Ballet training is encouraged in the Academy, it is not a pre condition of enrolment prospective pupils can opt for the subject of their choice we fullyunderstand that not all students will wish to follow a full time career in dance. With this in mind, our aim is to cater for all pupils by offering tuition in their chosen dance subjects up to the standard they wirh to achieve.

Your training and appearing on stage in our Academy Shows will hopefully add to your general happiness, and will build self confidence and fitness that will help you in later life, with the added bonus of having good qualifications in the art of dance to add to your CV.

Supported Charities

The Academy receives requests from local charities from time to time for its pupils to assist with fundraising and lots of appearances have been made in various Cabarets and shows for some very worthy causes.
For our supported charities please click here.